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Part of: Readability Guidelines

Super-contributor commitments

Last updated: 9 April, 2020

As a super-contributor, I happily agree to meet these commitments.

I will:

  • take on on at least 1 topic every year as a topic lead,

  • research usability evidence for any topics I lead,

  • host the live discussion for the topics I lead, including suggesting a date and time that suits me,

  • follow the live discussion structure,

  • join other topic live discussions as regularly as I am able to,

  • share, for any topic, if I find readability usability evidence,

  • let admins know as soon as possible if I cannot continue leading on a topic for any reason,

  • let admins know if I cannot continue as a super-contributor.

If I am able to I will:

  • write up the recommendations from the live discussion, only including recommendations that have robust evidence, and share those notes with an admin,

  • share the new wiki page link on my social networks when it's published.

Current admins: Lizzie Bruce, Sarah Walsh

If super-contributing is not for you, find out more about general collaborating.

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