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Part of: Readability Guidelines

Collaborating on the project

Last updated: 26 March, 2020

It's very important to know this: you do not need to be an expert to collaborate and contribute to the Readability Guidelines.

Everyone can join in.

We're all just looking for usability evidence.

We share it, and then we have a discussion. It's that simple.


We look at 1 topic each month. You can see in advance how we structure the live discussions.

You can suggest new topics in the comments section on the new topics page.

Being respectful

The only rule we have is to be respectful. It's fine to disagree, respectfully. It's fine to ask for clarification, respectfully, if you do not understand a point someone else is making.

And it's totally fine to ask someone, nicely, if they have evidence to support what they are saying. We cannot include any recommendations without evidence, so you are helping the project by asking that question.

Becoming a super-contributor

If you would like to become a super-contributor, we would like to ask you to make a few super-contributor commitments.

But you can stop being a super-contributor at any time, just let us know.