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This wiki is no longer being updated. But it is still available for anyone who wants to make style decisions based on evidence and data.


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New topics

Last updated: 1 April, 2021

To suggest a new topic for consideration, add it as a comment in the comments section on this page.

We decide as a group of collaborators which to cover on the project. But it can help us schedule what we research if someone with passion for a topic is able to volunteer to lead on that topic.

If you're interested in leading on any particular topic, read and comment on the super-contributor commitments page. Alternatively, find out more about collaborating on the project.

Upcoming topics

We're pausing live discussions for a while. But you can still share evidence through a comment on the topic holding page. These topics are ready for us all to start collecting evidence on:

Moving images
Non-moving images
Bold and italics
Dyslexic users
Screen reader and text to speech users
Online learning
Academic content
Cultural considerations
Technical writing

New topic suggestions

Job ads
Notifications and text messages
Units of measurement
User research recruitment scripts

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